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Our coins are struck from solid brass and plated in 24k gold or .999 silver

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Get oneFREE"floating coin" desktop display case with every order!

Get one FREE floating coin presentation case with every order!

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How Coins are Made

We want your coins to stand the test of time, just like the memories they hold. At Boss Coins we use state of the art coin manufacturing equipment to make sure every detail, from mold production to plating to enamel filling comes out smoothly on the coin.

Famous Coin Makers in History

Was the first coin maker in history a woman? What does Isaac Newton have to do with the way our coins look today? In this article we explore these and other interesting facts about the history coins and the amazing people behind some of the most famous coin designs.

About Challenge Coins

All coins offer an inherent value that spans monetary, historical and emotional events throughout civilization. Military coins are a highly-prized and fascinating collectible, as many have a very personal story to tell, and one which often transcends far beyond monetary value.