Motorcycle Club Coins

Motorcycle Club Coin Motorcycle club coins, often referred to as “challenge coins,” hold a special place within the world of bikers and their clubs. These unique tokens are emblematic of loyalty and shared experiences among club members. They can be simple coins with the club’s logo or they can be crafted with intricate designs and meaningful symbolism, with 3D details, and laser engraved with a unique number for each of the members.

These coins are typically carried by bikers as a mark of pride and belonging. They serve as a tangible reminder of the bonds formed within the club, often earned through a combination of dedication and milestones within the motorcycle community. Whether exchanged during club meetings, rides, or special events, these coins symbolize the unbreakable unity and brotherhood that define motorcycle clubs, making them cherished keepsakes for those who ride the open road together.

The United States boasts a rich and diverse motorcycle club scene. These clubs have played a substantial role in shaping American motorcycle culture and maintaining a strong sense of brotherhood among their members. With Boss Coins, you can bring to life custom coins that feature a specific motorcycle model, charity cause, or your favorite riding landscape in the background. We can also make coins in any shape you desire. Most of the custom coins we make for biker clubs are usually quite large, usually 3″ in diameter with a weight of around 120-140g for a round brass coin in that size.

All of the plating at Boss Coins is done with pure metals so the gold will be 24k gold and silver will always be .999 silver that is plated over H68 brass as the base metal for 2D coins or zinc-alloy for 3D coins. The choice of base metal has a direct impact on the quality of the details that you see on challenge coins.

Brass and zinc alloys are much more durable than iron coins and allow for finer lines to be carved as well as holding the plating and the enamel better, giving the coins a jewellery-like look and feel. Combined with our last-generation CNC carvers, Boss Coins can achieve minute details on the coins that other companies are not able to achieve.

Our enamel work is also top-of-the-line to give your coins the best paint job they deserve to withstand miles and miles of road trips with their owners.

Your next motorcycle club coin is just an email away from taking the trip of a lifetime with you. Get in touch with us today and let our team of professional designers take care of the rest. Your journey starts here.